Correct way to care for your jewelry

Maintain glamour for years to come

Every piece of jewelry is precious and it should be treated like that. They don’t call it precious metal for nothing. Keep that stellar shine from the initial purchase by carefully taking care of your jewelry. By following these guidelines we’ll show you the right way to care for your necklace, bracelet, earring or ring.

Know when you can and can’t wear it

Make sure to take off your jewelry when performing daily tasks. Exposure to chemicals can ruin a fine finish on a piece of jewelry. By taking jewelry off when performing manual tasks, you’ll also ensure that no physical damage is done to it. These tasks include gardening, kitchen work, cleaning and other tasks around the house.

Woman with jewelry applying perfume

It’s important that you put jewelry on after applying makeup. Lotions, perfumes and hair sprays contain chemicals that can negatively influence the life quality of jewelry pieces. By simply putting accessories on after makeup, any potential damage can be averted.

Don’t wear jewelry while playing sports. Aside from it being a major safety concern with pointy ends threatening to poke skin and clothing, potential blows to your decor pieces can damage the jewelry significantly. The safest bet in sports is just to remove any jewelry beforehand.

Avoid wearing jewelry in swimming pools and similar places like spas. Chlorine can create structural damage and color alteration of various metals used in jewelry. Therefore swimming in chlorinated water can have a negative effect. Just be smart and put your jewelry in your bag or locker. It’s not like you’re going to need it there anyway. This goes the same for home bathing, as soap causes film formation that will require you to have jewelry servicing due to dinginess.
Wearing jewelry in pool

For preserving a healthy metal shine, a good polish is needed. For this we recommend using a polishing cloth. Even though professional cloths are the best, you can use a soft rag as a last resort. Avoid paper towels and tissues, because they may cause scratches when polishing the jewelry. If you’re just looking for a simple clean, it’s best advised to buy commercial jewelry cleaners. But if you’re not around the high grade stuff, rubbing alcohol should have a similar effect for cleaning. Just make sure to avoid bleach, as it destroys the shine and coloration of jewelry!

Do not take it upon yourself to clean damaged jewelry. The crack and broken bits might take a turn for the worse if not handled with great care. This is why a trained professional is needed for the job. If you come across a crack while cleaning, then set the peace aside and take it to a professional for repairing. To avoid such inconveniences, inspect your jewelry thoroughly, or mention it to the person cleaning it. Preventing loss of precious stones or causing any further damage can significantly cut your costs by addressing the issue immediately.

By taking care of your most precious possessions, you can ensure your jewelry can be passed down to your descendants. On top of that, you’ll maintain glamour for years to come.

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