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Picking the right metal for you

When buying an engagement, wedding or anniversary ring – there are a lot of factors to take in consideration. But most important of all is picking the right metal that will wrap around your finger. It’s not just white or yellow anymore, the rules of the game changed and now there’s a giant range of possibilities. Relax, take it one step at a time, because we will help you pick the right metal, and in turn help you pick the ring that fits your needs perfectly.

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Different metals, different rules

The first step is to determine what style you’re going for. If you’re buying it for someone else, take the interest of that person into consideration. This is most important when picking a ring for your future bride, because you need to find her style and pick something that matches that style perfectly. If she’s into cooler hues, then white gold and platinum are the way to go. On the flip side, if she prefers warmer hues then you should opt for yellow or rose gold. This decision, of course, doesn’t have to be all black or white because you can always choose to mix metal colors. By mixing colors like white and yellow you can ensure her ring matches her other jewelry. The color mixture doesn’t even have to rely on metals, because you have to take the diamond into consideration as well.

Platinum is always a safe bet, as it’s a naturally white metal that accentuates the diamond perfectly. It’s actually considered to be the most sophisticated jewelry metal around. It’s up to six times rarer and three times purer than gold, when used in jewelry. The purity is responsible for that stellar shine and the impeccable durability. Make no mistake that platinum will hold your diamonds firmly with its strong-structured holding pins. If all of that wasn’t convincing enough for you, then you should know that it’s naturally hypoallergenic, which is really good for sensitive hands. Unlike some metals, platinum doesn’t lose its radiance over time, so re-platting is deemed unnecessary.

Platinum engagement ring

We couldn’t talk about metals without taking about the most common one of all – gold. It’s a greatly adaptable metal that is measured in karats. Karats go up to twenty four, which indicates its purity. The more there are karats, the purer the gold is. This measurement is necessary because pure gold is too soft for jewelry usage. This is why it needs to be combined with other metal alloys to make it harder. The most common karat amount is eighteen karats, which means it’s around 75% gold. Copper, zinc, nickel and silver usually make up the remainder of the metal. The more there are karats, the brighter the gold yellow is. Other than the standard yellow gold, other colors such as white, rose and green can be seen in the jewelry industry. These are great alternatives to ring coloration.

With these factors in mind, making the right choice shouldn’t be a problem. By picking the right material and material color, be sure that your fingers, and the fingers of your loved ones will be decorated perfectly.