About us

Here at Newall Mfg, we care deeply for our customer's jewelry. We understand the value of it, and what it means to you. Therefore we provide our service with an unmatched amount of care and dedication. It’s no wonder why we have the highest percentage of returning customers in the region. That’s because, unlike other jewelry stores, we look forward to reducing your costs as much as possible.

This mentality that we established over the years originates from our personal lives and experience. We understand that some personal belongings connect you to your loved ones, and it is our mission to provide that connection in the most efficient manner possible. This is our tradition, and we fight for that tradition to life for years to come.

Make no mistake that our staff is trained to a degree of absolute greatness. This is why their word and opinion is to be trusted, as our previous customers did. Great communication is one of the key reasons why our customers always leave satisfied. That, and of course our love for great quality jewelry. Make no mistake that we strive for excellence, and excellence alone. Be it repair, appraisal or design our work undoubtedly always surpasses that of our competitors.